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Energy News Roundup: November 24-November 30

This week in regional energy news …


Energy News Roundup: March 31-April 6

This week in regional energy news …


Energy News Roundup: August 20-August 26

This week in regional energy news …



Energy News Roundup: March 12-March 18

This week in regional energy news …

  • Rumford Paper Co. is selling its cogeneration assets, which provide electricity and thermal energy to the paper mill in Rumford, to New York-based ReEnergy Holdings LLC.  ReEnergy specializes in renewable energy from integrated biomass waste fuel.
  • The Portland Press Herald looks into the economic benefits and costs of waste-to-energy plants.  
  • NB Power works to shore up the Point Lepreau nuclear reactor.  The reactor is undergoing a refurbishment currently but, in the wake of the disaster in northern Japan, NB Power is using the opportunity to make the generating station more earthquake-resistant.
  • Adding a new standard to its merger approval rules, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities will require merging utilities to prove that the merger will help the state meets its renewable energy portfolio goals.

Energy News Roundup: October 2-October 8

This week in regional energy news …

  • The University of Maine’s Tidal Power Initiative is the recipient of a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.  The money will help to fund an environmental impact study relating to Ocean Renewable Power Co.’s Eastport, Maine, tidal turbine.
  • A Newfoundland paper company may begin burning tires to fuel its mill.  Tire burning is an inexpensive source of fuel but is controversial due to its effects on the environment; Nova Scotia blocked the practice in 2007.
  • The Biomass Thermal Energy Council, or BTEC, is encouraging legislators to develop incentives to promote increased use of biomass for heating fuel.  BTEC argues that biomass, a renewable energy source that can render very low emissions, should meet 25% of heating needs in the Northeast by 2025.
  • First Wind, which is working toward permitting a Rumford-area wind development, has opened a Rumford, Maine, office.  First Wind has also filed an environmental impact statement for a new wind project in Hawaii.
  • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar marked a milestone for Cape Wind by finally signing the project’s federal lease for commercial offshore wind energy generation.  Cape Wind awaits approval from the Massachusetts DPU.

Energy News Roundup: September 11-September 17

This week in regional energy news …


Energy News Roundup: September 4-September 10

This week in regional energy news …

  • The Maine Public Utilities Commission has approved a five-year contract for energy supply to Verso Paper in Bucksport.  The mill is converting to a biomass boiler, and the additional capacity will support that switch.
  • Ocean Renewable Power Co. continues to make good news on its tidal turbine in Eastport, Maine: the Department of Energy is giving the Portland, Maine, company $10 million to advance its tidal generation technology on a commercial scale.  Earlier this week, ORPC announced that the turbine would be moved this month to benefit local fishermen.
  • In Canada, Atlantic Resources Corp. has plans to install the world’s largest tidal turbine off of Nova Scotia, in the Bay of Fundy, sometime in 2011.
  • Public hearings on Cape Wind are under way at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.  Regulators must determine whether electricity generated from Cape Wind and sold by National Grid will benefit ratepayers.
  • First Wind met with commissioners from Piscataquis County, Maine, regarding a proposed 33- to 35-turbine wind development there.
  • The Maine Public Utilities Commission is investigating the need for a smart grid operator.  The MPUC is looking into whether it’s in the public interest to have one or more smart grid coordinators in Maine.
  • It’s official: David Littell was sworn in as the newest Maine PUC commissioner on Wednesday.  On the same day, Beth Nagusky was sworn in as acting DEP commissioner to replace Littell.