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2017 Maine Legislature to Consider a Variety of Energy Bills

On Friday, January 6, Maine Governor Paul LePage released his biennial general fund budget for 2018-19. The Governor’s proposed biennial budget and briefing document can be found here. The main priority in the Budget is reducing Maine’s top income tax rate from 10.15 percent to 7.15 percent this year, and then implementing a flat tax of 5.75 percent by 2020.  The Budget also purports to make changes to how General Purpose Aid to Education is distributed to public K-12 schools, eliminate State support for General Assistance, eliminates the cap on public charter schools, elevates information services and cybersecurity to a new Cabinet-level Department, tightens eligibility requirements for Medicaid, creates a new statewide public defender system, allows municipalities to assess municipal service fees on large not-for-profit entities, and eliminates 500 state government jobs (300 of which are currently vacant).

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Maine Legislature Announces EUT Committee Assignments

The Maine Legislature has announced the members of the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee for the 126th Legislature. The members are as follows:

Energy, Utilities and Technology Joint Standing Committee

   Senate:     John J. Cleveland, Chair (D-Androscoggin)

                     Troy Dale Jackson (D-Aroostook)

                     Edward M. Youngblood (R-Penobscot)

     House:     Barry J. Hobbins, Chair (D-Saco)

                     Roberta B. Beavers (D-South Berwick)

                     Diane Russell (D-Portland)

                     Sara Gideon (D-Freeport)

                     Deane Rykerson (D-Kittery)

                     Ryan D. Tipping-Spitz (D-Orono)

                     Larry C. Dunphy (R-Embden)

                     Aaron F. Libby (R-Waterboro)

                     Lance Evans Harvell (R-Farmington)

                     Melvin Newendyke (R-Litchfield)

 A complete list of the members for all committees may be found here.